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  • Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm
  • Sat 8am - 6pm
  • Sun Closed

What We Offer

Our array of services will help you keep your dog healthy, clean and happy for their whole life. We know what a puppy needs, and what a mature dog wants.

Service 1


Give Love And Make Your Pet Beautiful In Our Canine Spa And With The Most Qualified Groomers.

Service 2

Nail Clipping

Regular Clipping Protects Your Pet From Paw And Joint Injuries, As Well As Getting Nails Snagged On Carpet Or Furniture.

Service 3

Ear Cleaning

Regular Ear Cleaning Can Keep Your Pet's Ears Clean And Dry, Helping To Avoid Painful & Costly Infections Of The External Ear Canal.

Service 4

Blow Drying

We Offer Thorough Clean With Shampoo And Condition If Needed, A Warm Blow Dry, And A Finishing Spritz. Ideal For Short Coated Breeds.

Service 5

Tick Dips

Regular Grooming Does Much More Than Just Make Your Pets Look Good. It's One Of The Most Basic And Important Steps In Maintaining Their Good Health.

Service 6

Medicated Baths

Grooming Provides The Earliest Opportunity To Spot Signs Of Allergies Or Other Medical Issues, Helping To Catch Wide Problems Before They Become Big Ones.

Service 7

Anal Glands Expressed

Our Professionals Have The Training And Solutions To Address The Needs Of Dogs Of All Breeds, Coats, And Skin Types.

Service 8

Teeth Cleaning

This Service Involves Scraping With An Instrument Of A Dog Teeth Without Putting The Pet Under Anesthesia.

Service 9

Boarding / Daycare

You Can Be Confident That Your Pup Will Be Treated Like Our Preferred Guest While You’re Away. Our Rooms Are Spacious For Any Size Dog, Fitted With Quality Bedding.